Herald of Judgment
[U-MON007-RF (Monarch Unlimited) Unlimited Rainbow Foil]

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    Set: Monarch Unlimited
    Edition: Unlimited
    Finish: Rainbow Foil
    Type: Action
    Subtype: Attack
    Rarity: Rare
    Class: Light Illusionist
    Cost: 2
    Power: 6
    Prism Specialization (You may only have Herald of Judgment in your deck if your hero is Prism.) If Herald of Judgment hits, put it into your hero's soul and the defending hero can't play cards from their banished zone during their next action phase. (Put this card face up under your hero card.) Phantasm (If Herald of Judgment is defended by a non-Illusionist attack action card with 6 or more [Power], destroy Herald of Judgment and close the combat chain.)

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