Spellbound Creepers
[U-ELE224 (Tales of Aria Unlimited) Unlimited Rainbow Foil]

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    Set: Tales of Aria Unlimited
    Edition: Unlimited
    Finish: Rainbow Foil
    Type: Equipment
    Rarity: Legendary
    Class: Runeblade
    Once per Turn Instant - [1 Resource], put a bind counter on Spellbound Creepers: You may play your next 'non-attack' action card this turn as though it were an instant. Activate this ability only if you have attacked or defended with an attack action card this turn. At the beginning of your end phase, destroy Spellbound Creepers unless you have dealt arcane damage equal to or greater than the number of bind counters on Spellbound Creepers. Blade Break (If you defend with Spellbound Creepers, destroy it when the combat chain closes.)

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